I know that these news posts about the technical progress of my shop are boring, so I promise that this is going to be the last one:

After having done a lot of corrections and improvements (most of them not visible on the frontend), I think the shop is ready to slowly grow into its purpose. I also realised that that GTranslate thing (which works with machine translations provided by Google) makes absolutetly no sense and I will very soon install a better method which is working with neuronal translations and the opportunity to add manual translations.

I‘ve been also working on some new designs for the shop (click through the gallery below). They all include various versions of a symbol called SKAL (it has nothing to do with the Swedish/Danish word „skål“ though). This symbol once has come as a vague vision in a time when I was working out my motivations, values, goals and required attributes and looking for a way to clearly identify and strengthen them by creating a first material appearance – a hook in physical reality, an auxiliary tool to hold firm to the chosen path, something that offers mental support and encouragement by being a permanently available reminder about the choices and decisions that had been done in silent hours.

The symbol has been adjusted and attuned several times and charged with the outlined attributes. Every element of the symbol has a concrete meaning.

The word SKAL is a verbal creation I‘ve made at the same period of time by using a special method to create powerful wordings. Later, I’ve realized that both -the symbol and the word- are the same thing, expressed by a different medium.

It took some time till I have become friends with the symbol, but l’ve held on to it and at some point it has developed a dynamic on its own and meanwhile it has become so powerful, so super-charged with strong, protective warrior energies that I virtually hear the war drums, just by looking at it.

So this is what is coming in the very near future. The next significant steps regarding CN are planned for the end of August. Until then I am deeply involved in finishing the next Epoch I project. Infos following then.



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