So here are some infos regarding the upcoming shop:
it is connected to several services via AP interfaces which will automatically undertake some tasks like accounting, production and shipment. There‘s some refined technology running in the background, and I am still learning by doing. That‘s why I’ll be starting with only a few products. After the introduction phase, where I will be testing and optimising and learning about all elements of running (such a kind of) shop and adding more products made and designed by me, also products by other artists will be added.

„Products“ means original artworks, as well as open and limited editions. And it also means cool stuff like shirts, hoodies and tote bags, designed by the represented artists.

The idea is to directly gain support for planned or current art projects, though it is not a fundraising thing.

Regarding the languages of the web shop: I need to run the basic functions in German, so the main language of the shop is German, too. But I also want to make the informations understandable to non-German speakers. For this purpose, I have chosen the simple method of GTranslate. Unfortunately, it doesn‘t translate everything absolutely correctly. But the descriptions translated this way are sufficient to transmit all important data. The alternative methods (setting up a multilingual site via WP multisite or via WPML) would had been way too time-consuming and complex in this phase now…

In the future this whole thing is going to be more than just a shop. But for now I am holding my horses and just presenting the logo as the leading element of the Corporate Design which I’ve renewed and refreshed a bit while I was working on the shop. Link to the shop will be provided at the launch day.