Though in school time we only went rudimentarily through this scientific discipline, geometry was one of the most interesting subjects for me. I believe, its fascination is based on its connection between science and (visual) art. It seems to lure with a hidden secret about the universal law of beauty and creation, waiting to be discovered.
When I have discovered Wenzel Jamnitzer’s enormous opus PERSPECTIVA CORPORUM REGULARIUM (published in 1568), I’ve immediately knew I wanted to work with it, beginning with the reconstruction of the solids (instead of merely copying them by taking measures).

The challenge reveals itself during the process. It’s like a visual riddle to be solved. The result is a physical manifestation of logical thinking and feels like the equivalent of a well-known and auspicious phrase, which says that in the end „everything falls into place“.

I also like the author’s analogical assignment of the solids to the elements, which in turn can be assigned to the human temperaments, character traits, colours and the four cardinal points. Within these fundamental concepts lies the key to the metaphorical language, which the mythic layer of consciousness makes use of.

PERSPECTIVA CORPORUM REGULARIUM is intended to be a ludic long-term project, as well as a humble tribute to the genius of Wenzel Jamnitzer.




PERSPECTIVA CORPORUM REGULARIUM: MATERIA PRIMA (2023, experimental digital photography)